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I had the pleasure of meeting and instantly bonding with the amazing Samantha Brady. Single mother to three fabulous boys and single mum mentor and coach at

Her journey is one of tough lessons, bringing up three boys as a single mom and navigating the rough waters it brings. Through her own journey it became clear what her passion and mission were … to coach, mentor and inspire single mothers to love and believe in themselves all while raising extraordinary children. 

Sam’s photoshoot included both a family shoot and a personal business lifestyle shoot for her website

“We enjoyed working with Tami. She is an awesome photographer and made my boys and I feel relaxed from the moment we started. Her great debriefing meeting before the shoot made me confident that she knew exactly what I was looking for when it came to the photographs for my website. She had great ideas for creating an atmosphere. We spent a beautiful few hours at different sites and I love the end result and range of photographs she presented. I can highly recommend Tami!”

– Samantha Brady